“That’s the root calculus of the Long Tail: The lower costs of selling, the more you can sell.

As such, Aggregators are a manifestation of the second force, democratizing distribution. They all lower the barriers to market entry, allowing more and more things to that bar and get out there to find their audience.”

“ Agregators fall mostly in into five categories:
1. Physical Goods (e.g. Amazon,eBay)
2. Digital Goods (e.g. iTunes, iFilm)
3. Advertising and services (e.g. Google, Craiglist)
4. Information (Google, Wikipedia)
5. Communities and user-created content (e.g. MySpace, Bloglines)

Each of these categories can range from massive companies to one-person operations. A single blog that collects all the news and information that it can about a topic, let’s say needlework, is an aggregator as Yahoo!

Some aggregators attempt to straddle an entire category, such as Netflix (films) and iTunes (music), while others simply their niche, such as services that aggregate only SEC filing  or techno music.”

cover_1 long tail



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