Lonely Island

“One size of incentives does not fit all. People create things for all sorts of reasons, ranging from expression to reputation. What makes this important is that there is increasingly frictionless mobility in the Long Tail. In a seamless digital marketplace, from iTunes to the Web itself, content that starts at the bottom can easily move to the top if it strikes a chord. Unserstanding the diverse incentives that can motivate the creators of such content becomes essential in finding and encouraging it” (pg 78)

“It may still require the full might of the Holywood machine to make a multiseason drama with high production qualities. But over that same time hundreds of grassroots videos can collectively capture a same size audience. That comparison would seem like apples and oranges – lasting commercial brands versus transient amateur amusements – were it not for the fact that  the two compete for the time of a generation of Web-savvy viewers. If they are watching one kind of video, they’re not watching the other” (pg 82)

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