One Size Filter Dosn’t Fit All (Part 2)

In the old hit-driven model, one size fit all.

In this new model, where niches and sub-niches are abundant, there’s a need for specialization. An example of this is iTunes, which, for all of its accomplishments, shows a pop-up music bias that undermines its usefulness for other kinds of music.

In iTunes and services like it different genres – such as rock, jazz or classical – are all displayed in a similar way, with the main classification scheme being “artist”. But who is the “artist” for classical – the composer, the orchestra, or the conductor? Is a thirty second sample meaningful? In the case of jazz you migth be interested in following the carrers of the individual performers, rather than the band, wich may have come togheter only for a single album. Or perhaps you’re more interested in the year, and would like to find other music that came out at the same time. In all this cases, you’re out of luck. The iTunes software won’t let you sort by any of those.

This are the failures of one-size-fits-all agregation and filtering.

page 112


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