Not enough

Many of us lack the skills necessary to succed in the world of the near future, in the next ten years  software will be as common as telephones, interacting with people and communities in many diferent ways, destroying the old fashion  models that put the mainstream in the center of the attentions for a new model where every customer has almost the same impact and possibility of influence as the companies selling goods and services.

That is no place to hide from your customers opinion, no way to pretend you are not listening or looking at what he is saying #about your @brand, and the worst rhetoric possible is objection, denial or confrontation, because you can provoke the herding effect that can destroy-your already weak-value in a short time. As an attack of bees, your customers will gather against your company, and if they have a strong subject people will follow the cause, and this scar can heal, but never will be erased from the digital channel, where everything that is said and done, for good and bad, is running inside a storage system.

So, with that in mind, try to figure out what the world of the 21st century wil be about. It’ll about better experiences, improved services and convenience, instant interaction, wiki responses and massive colaboration. Idioms are going to expand because of the disruptives knowledge our youngs are going to invent, humanity as whole will be smarter,poverty migth not be the problem  by the middle of the century. New forms of interaction and protocols of communications will be applied to human interactions, making clear responsabilities and positions, eliminating the restrictions on knowledge, culture and compliance.

The future is about transparency and compliance with norms and rules in the commerce. When you are faced with the most punishing penalty the market can impose, negative word of mouth, you start taking care of what you do and how does it impact your customers life. No more lies hidden behind call centers structured as islands of negligence. If I hate your brand, you will have to know it, and you probably will  know the reasons either, but you can choose to live with it for ever or to dialogue in an open field.

Never fight your customer, even your least significant customer. Show your presence and try to mediate situations, instead of closing it. Make of conversation a way to rationalize your positions. Once again, everything that is written is registered for quite a long time and can be read over and over, if not violated will certainly always present the same meaning, even if it has no meaning or reason at all. If you don’t know what you are saying, it will be clear and obvious for the smart ones.
Spend some time, money and strategy to the digital part of your business, and it will save you some money. But master the IT matter, or else kids will take it to the next level without you noticing the shift.

What if I say you are not ready for what is coming for the future?

You probably won’t be worried about such a superficial sentence, but think about a world dominated by software products in every service you buy and consume. How are you going to fit that scenario? Your kids are going to love it, and learn a lot faster than you did by the same age. They are going to be smarter than you were, a lot smarter, they won’t see reason in some things you take for granted. There will be a period of coliving where both lifestyles (your own and the new)  will be viable, but in the long run, or you learn as fast as this kids and start making no resistance for the new dynamic of economy or you are going to have to support them in their world dominance.

In fact, we are togheter not ready for the future. All that has been done until now is not enough to foresee what is comming.

It’s going to be a  natural process, nobody have to die (even though some will), but be ready for radical changes, more radical than you are prepared to.


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