Corporations 1.0

Very short the youngs are going to take the entire business layer to another level by the introduction of software technology in daily life and routine, as inteligence is injected in their apparels and gadgets. Kids are going to learn to reinvent the 20th century culture, bringing to life the new century in a monumental cultural shift.

I’m not trying to be Nostradamus as someone predicting the future, but in fact I’m based on my own experience at workplace, in the way we connect, share and cooperate with stakeholders, top-down or bottom-up, and how hard it is to work in a 100 year old corporation.

No colaborative initiative is taken to improve communication, knowledge sharing and management, no open forums of knowledge supporting mid and big projects, no IM tools to help handling crisis in production enviroment, short corporative communication and strategies disclosure, lack of business documentantion, mapping and training, an amount of third parties handling internal assets, and until this point no problem, but suposed not to have access to it, is part of the cenario composing the working enviroment I live, making it more stressfull than pleasurable, and in my point of view, a few initiatives could make things better, clear and more professional in the way Techonology attend the business and the final customer from a corporative pont of wiew.

Tools of Productivity Improvement

Software tools like Microsoft Office suite and all its versions and similars are how people deal with information assets to produce great part of their work and to fulfill their duties, and are in many aspects outdated and low leveling the work force, mainly for (i) not providing the explicit and organized sharing of  information produced, (ii) not inviting, allowing or facilitating the interference of other important stakeholders in a positive way, (iii) not linking this small piece of information produced by many areas to the mosaic of a company´s framewok of knowledge governing the business logic. In a practical sense, all the work produced in Office tools ARE the company, compose the company in an indivisible way, specially from a colaborator point of view.

People need more and more incentives to produce and improve work activities. The integration of gadgets such as tablets and smartphones to the mosaic of a company’s points of interaction with work is a starting point. In my opinion the correct way to do this is through a corporate social network, a concentrator of knowledge and tools to handle the information assets, where every colaborator will have to take a public position concerning an internal subject or decision, and this web OS will hold all the communication and productivity tools necessary or allowed, keeping registered all the activity someone is developing within the corporation.

Bottom line: Good workers don’t fear sharing because knowledge is expandable and uncontrollable. You have to trust in your employees to a point you  know he or she is dealing with valuable assest from your company that can cause you some harm or can take you a step further in facing the concurrency.

Youngs will bring this dynamic shift to the workplace, and it won’t take too long.

Five years are enough for things to change radically. In ten years they will shift completely, for sure.


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