About me II

A technology enthusiast in both, personal and professional fields, with experience in the banking and financial services industry, working as a manager, business analyst, software developer and leader in projects envolving the provision of IT services.

I began my professional life as a developer, attending the financial sector on backoffice operations for financial products, such as personal loans, financing of goods, payroll discount loans for public and private companies, asset financing, bankcards and private label operations from retail and wholesale industry, during all its life cicle, from proposal capture through credit analysis, vault management, reports and KPIs, credit recovery and the accurate interface with regulatory entities, developing strong skills in database administration and SQL development on ASP.NET, MS VB and PowerBuilder platforms, besides acting on day to day operation.

With the emergence of oportunities, I improved skills in IT portfolio management, acquiring knowledge in business architecture, expansion and continuity, dealing with a variety of suppliers, acting-on and coordinating in-house development and third party providers activities, always with strong business orientation, focused on results and meeting the compliance that rule the financial sector.

There’s a lot going on and success depend on team work.

Applicable knowledge in project management and best practices, evaluating and mitigating risks, reporting activities and assuring the quality of deliverables, communicating with leaders, teams and stakeholders.

Recently amazed with the ongoing digital revolution we’re living. How faster can we move? How soon new problems will fix old ones? Can we trust the web? Can we trust the government? What about your digital and universal id? Is money currency a virtual good? This and many other questions arise from nowadays


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