Stop watching television

Do yourself a favor and stop watching television.

At least, start getting used to it. Start tuning your own station, a mix of different providers. At work, on transit or home surfing, fine tune the pipe of information the web offers you. Nobody likes one way dialogues.

Television the way it was during the 20th century — commercial since 1920s  — is going to die, as people express themselves, connect, communicate and share through the internet, a very extensive platform, an established entity seeking its public, private and legal bounds in an evolving society. A natural platform for innovation and a disruptive insertion of the 21st century digital revolution.

The web is here to stay, to take the entire social layer to another level, taking also wider aspects like identity, safety, piracy, quality, overload, communities, education, governments, idioms and geographical boundaries, to a level we cannot foreseen now the next 10 years.Don’t waste your time watching the content a single channel provide —  advertisers, faces and causes, — instead, go through a multi leveled perception of the facts.

Give voice to scientists, specialists, consultants, brands, politics, in subjects you didn’t expected. Reach whoever’s at your interest, interacting with your closest circle of  peers through smart devices (touch, voice control, GPS, social networks, photo+audio+video capture and reproduction plus communication),  in private streams customized to specific needs: class room, business projects, life projects, forums, family, mates, dates and prospects.

Think what you want to do. Virtually everything’s possible.



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