Born Digital, Quality.
Born Digital is a book that describe the habits, skills and threats faced by the new millennium citizens, our kids, born in the digital era.

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More is More

In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, others have extended this line of argument, contending that the Internet can create a marketplace of ideas that will serve society well. In this view of the world ideas and information are like goods in a bazaar, from among which consumers can choose. Through this process, the market will set the correct value for various properties, and good information will be more highly valued than bad information.
In the strong form of this argument, the more diversity and choice, the better.

More is Less

Many believe the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction.
Today’s challenge is no longer to make sure that we have enough information available. The problem is that those born digital may have access to too much information-a challenge addressed in the Overload discussion (chapter 8).
We’re  experiencing one extraordinary thing: a real time test if the…

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