A cloud computing approach make sense from hardware, software and distribuion strands. Read a nice article about cloud computing; growth, basics and performance.

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When it comes to visualizing how effective cost savings can be in a cloud-based environment its time to learn a new acronym to better understand what is ‘efficient computing’.  Get to know MIPS, that is “Million of Instruction Per Second” or more specifically the cost of those MIPS.

In this case what’s good for business can also be great for investors says Fidelity’s Gavin Baker, manager of Fidelity’s OTC Portfolio (FOCPX)

When it comes to cloud computing its really about “going back to the future”

“The first wave of computing focused on the mainframe and minicomputer, which centralized processing power. A second stage was anchored by the PC and client-server architectures—which moved the computing power out to every desk and server closet,” Baker explains.

“Now, plentiful, high-speed bandwidth is ushering in a third era, which marks a return to centralized processing power—the cloud—with the crucial difference being that this centralized…

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