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Krax in Logic

Reviewed by: Josh Lax and Michael Kravshik.

In “The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence” (ASM), Kurzweil presents a history of computing technology followed by a forecast for the future.  He explores the factual development and societal implications of this tectonic shift in human experience.  The book sets out to prove that technology is evolving far faster than most realize, and attempts to illustrate his vision of what the future might be like.  We’re not talking about hundreds or thousands of years, we’re talking decades.

He uses a plethora of historical statistics that illustrate not only an exponential rate of development in technology, but that the exponential rate itself is accelerating.  For those of you who are not neuroscientists (like us), the first two-thirds of this book is some of the most difficult, yet rewarding reading we have experienced.  To understand, at a fundamental level, the workings…

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