Intellingence Insertion

There is a very different set of skills used by people when writing than skills used when programming computers; the narrative, the discourse, sequences, scenes created when writing about anything are derived from a structured intelligence.When programming we’re in fact driving hardware trough different situations. Software is very specialized intelligence applied to objective situations, deriving with circumstances to take optimal decisions.

Rational perspective, reductionism, no subjective experience considered.

But with a bit of time, humanity will give raise to intelligence insertion in very singular aspects of life, giving the old time called “hardware”, machines, a sentimental aspect, able to offer a unique experience in terms of personal, sentimental and financial  returns.

When telling a story or listening to one, you’re interacting with some sort of knowledge, and independent if purposeful or not, propagating a message. From a modern perspective, the 21st century citizen cannot resume an event labeled a “message” in a one dimension, flat experience, resumed by the one line sender-receiver model; all the individual experience is relevant, from behavior to genes, from time to platform to circumstances, people are exposed to personal limitations, what makes the decision process restricted, when in fact regular problems are easy to solve and have optimal choices for long term benefit.

Long term and benefit are both questionable. Indeed, a configuration problem.

Software intelligence is similar to decision making, take chances, choose among options and set the information when seeking answers to most known problems.

Don’t think its new.

New is in the insertion of artificial intelligence in the life of a Digital Native.

The possibility of solving more complex problems in less time with ease and convenience.

Once again, think about the story telling, the writing skills used to create and propagate intelligence through time is human craft, as well as a school sheet, a poem, a computer virus and artificial intelligence that can develop more artificial intelligence, and has to be considered from the perspective of the 21st century Digital Native, and from that point beyond.

Remember this people are, by the year 2013, 15 years the most, and are still shaping the society they will live influenced by the opinions and obviously the consequences of the 20th century mindset. But they will prevail.

They will rise and give birth to absolutely new trends, discover alternative paths as well as new subjects that will shape the new society, the digital era. Total disruption. It has always been like that. Which is your side?

Do you understand the social networks and the new forms of expression, opinion, behavior and ethics?

Do you understand of what a smartphone is capable of in terms of computing power?

Did you ever joined  a virtual community?

Can you deal with change every day? Are you used to it?

Have you ever needed an eye surgery or MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) procedure?

Do you have software program speeding your brain?

Do you consider a radical change in the treatment of diseases, living habits and longevity?

Not that fast, not that radical maybe, but you have the choice to learn, the choice to adapt, the option to understand the born of a new society from its very beginning, the second decade of the digital era.

You are living the very beginning of the Digital Revolution.

Welcome to the new.


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