Somewhere, in chapter nine



  1. The same technological evolution has not been followed by a personal evolution. The WWW shows the best and the worst in human nature. There should be a self regulatory process that protect those at risk. This is not happening . Look at bullying and increases in suicide rate in teens, those I believe are a direct consequence of the power of the net. The beast needs some tamming .

  2. Hello,

    You might be focusing the negative side of the positive thing.
    Bullying wasn’t digital, but it was a harm and society had to know how to deal with it. My bet; positive attitude have been the key.

    This kids are exposed to information overload, addiction, piracy and over exposure, but that’s why they need parental control.
    They can also create, innovate, communicate, process and share information in a way we, the parents, simply cannot.

    I prefer the “free market” style, with parents consuming appropriate products for their children, protecting and learning with them, strong digital presence in schools and communities, governments shrinking and companies competing in an environment open to innovation and transformation, instead of “taming the beast”. It’s a new world.

    Please, take a read at this:

    Thanks for your comment.

    1. You have good points as appropriate parenthood may help discriminate the good from the evil. On the other hand not everyone has parents who care. Not everyone has good moral settings. Those are vulnerable groups and there is where lies the danger. Those people are unprotected from predators . That is what makes me believe regulations should exist for those who are most vulnerable .I On another subject I appreciated the link to the article , very promising

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