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This is another piece from Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near, about the fast pace of changes foreseen to the 21st century. Kurzweil stated a law for this phenomenon; the ever expanding human intelligence, the law of Accelerating Returns. We’re living an exponential growth in paradigm shift and evolution, but the exponent of the growth trend will also grow in an exponential pace once the artificial intelligence become responsible for the evolution of our species.

More’s law stated that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. The Accelerating Returns start counting from the beginning of life on earth, and call it our biological intelligence. The communion with the machine part of ourselves will be, in a basic understanding, the Singularity.

I would say that Moore’s observation is inside the trend pointed by Kurzweil, but in fact, we are improving really fast and faster every couple of years…

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