I see in this particular concept of Emergent Systems a direction to explain the avoidance of technology from old age groups, and of groups of old thinkers.
It is hard to accept something you cannot understand from its core, cannot dominate it.

Technology is not a simple agent interacting with the society in general.
Technology is an universal agente, raising mankind to another level of intelligence, meanwhile merging with the same mankind. You can reject, but you cannot escape from the future.

{Infinite Loop} Begin;

Through most of human history, people have tried to understand their world through reductive reasoning.

That is to say, they have been inclined to take things apart to see how they work. As Albert Láslo Barabáse write in his influential book Linked, “Reductionism was the driving force behind much of the 20th century’s scientific research. To compreend nature, it tells us, we must dechiper its components. The assumption is that once we understand the parts, it will be easy to grasp the whole. Divide and Conquer; the devil is in the details.

Therefore, for decades we have been forced to see the world through its constituents. We have been trained to study atoms and superstrings to understand the universe; molecules to comprehend life; individual genes to understand complex behavior; prophets to see the origins of fads and religions.” This way of thinking induces people to think they can…

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