Long Tail Rules

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How to create a consumer paradise

The secret to creating a thriving Long Tail business can be summarized in two imperatives:

  1. Make everything available
  2. Help me find what I want

The first is easier said than done. Basically, legal barriers are a strong impeditive for todays configuration of long tail markets. Until society find out a way to deal with intellectual property for the benefit of everyone, it’ll take more time and another generation or two to achieve a way to clear the rights from all the titles in all back catalogs (toughtlessly, automaticaly, and at an industrial scale), and legal restrictions will continue to be the primary barrier to growing the Long Tail.

The second necessary element is moving more quickly. From collaborative filtering to user ratings, smart aggregators are using recommendations to drive demand down the Long Tail. This is the difference between push and pull, betweem broadcast…

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