Everything is Marketing

We are what we believe in

{Infinite Loop} Begin;

Marketing is not a department

Do you have a Marketing department?

If not, better.

If you do, don’t think this are the only people responsible for marketing.

Accounting is a department, marketing is not.

Marketing is something everyone in your company is doing 24/7/365.

Just as you cannot not communicate, you cannot not market:

  • Every time you answer the phone, it’s marketing
  • Every time you send an email, it’s marketing
  • Every time someone uses your products, it’s marketing
  • Every word you write in your website is marketing
  • If you build software, every error message is marketing
  • If you’re in the restaurant business, the after-dinner mint is marketing
  • If you’re in the retail business, the checkout counter is marketing
  • If you’re in a service business, your invoice is marketing
Recognize that all these little things are more important than choosing the piece of swag to throw into a conference goodie bag.

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