Hi, my name is Humberto Velleca, and I’m a technology business consultant working at the software industry since early age. I read as part of my life and it makes me write a little too, a few things from my own and a lot of good stuff from what I read here and there. Even though living at São Paulo, Brazil, I plan to reach as further as possible, so I keep it in English, but can also make it in Portuguese and Spanish idioms, so feel free to share what you think about what I share.

“The price of the new is the decline of the order” —Marcelo Gleiser

We are living amidst a revolution. The Digital Revolution. The world is becoming digital. Nothing new, technology keeps transforming every living thing.

Basically, you are going to read tech-related things with a bit of economy, common knowledge and psychology, blended in the beginning of the 21st century, the born of the Digital Culture.

I’m an independent blogger. All the opinions and ideas expressed here are personal and do not reflect the view point of third parties.

In order to make any of the content available, a minimal review process is necessary. Some mistakes might and probably are going to pass the review process. I am sorry for that.

This web-blog shares quality content from some of the good sources available. The sources are always cited.




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  2. but I thought epoch 6-The process of “waking up” the universe could be completed well before the end of the 22nd century is the ultimate technological breakthrough we will ever create and after that event, we could be able to and will be able and have the power to create universes and be able to transcend our technological growth beyond any finite thus reaching infinity(mathematical singularity) thus having the power and ability to transcend our stage to type 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10/infinity and infinity civilizations on the Kardashev scale in case we need energy to travel faster than light since epoch 6- The process of “waking up” the universe could be completed well before the end of the 22nd century is the ULTIMATE STAGE WE WILL EVER CREATE, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? Do you have a technology job? Just type in nothing but yes or no to these questions in response to my email.

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