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Humans Need – Not Apply

If you, like me, love #technology, you’re in the right place.
The world is changing, faster, always, infinitely, unpredictable for the current mindset and stronger than any thought or belief.

Intelligence has multiple vertices.

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The tradeoff between privacy and connectivity in everyone’s life

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Privacy, as we once knew it, is over.

The values of privacy are sacred as the opportunities tied to living in public. Perhaps as valuable and sacred as privacy, we must also explore another human cost of social media…time.

In the end, we exchange time and privacy for exposure and attention.

In addition to time and privacy, we learn that the human cost of social media is also emotion. We indeed invest a bit of ourselves in each new connection and form of expression we publish. We say a bit about who we are in all we create and share. Our actions and words put the “me“ in social media and as time passes we construct a digital persona that reflects a vision of how we see ourselves and how we wish to be seen.

There’s a saying, “everything in moderation,” but it’s impossible to explore these…

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Old Tagline

I really believe the title speaks for itself. But take a time to read a few lines, I would like to hear your comments on every matter of subject

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“First we build the tools, than they build us.”

–Marshall McLuhan

Evolution works through indirection: each stage or epoch uses the information-processing methods of the previous epoch to create the next.

Epoch One: Physics and Chemistry

A few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang, atoms began to form, as electrons became trapped in orbits around nuclei consisting of protons and neutrons. The electrical structures of atoms made them sticky. Chemistry was born a few million years later as atoms came together to create relatively stable structures called molecules. Of all the elemets, carbon proved to be the most versatile; it’s able to form bonds in four directions, giving rise to complicated, information-rish, three dimenstional structures.

The rules of our universe and the balance of the physical constants that govern the interaction of basic forces are so delicately and exactly  appropriate for the codification and evolution of information that one wonders how…

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Interesting point. Neophobia is like a bottleneck for old generations in understanding the new paradigms of the 21st century.

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This is another piece from Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near, about the fast pace of changes foreseen to the 21st century. Kurzweil stated a law for this phenomenon; the ever expanding human intelligence, the law of Accelerating Returns. We’re living an exponential growth in paradigm shift and evolution, but the exponent of the growth trend will also grow in an exponential pace once the artificial intelligence become responsible for the evolution of our species.

More’s law stated that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. The Accelerating Returns start counting from the beginning of life on earth, and call it our biological intelligence. The communion with the machine part of ourselves will be, in a basic understanding, the Singularity.

I would say that Moore’s observation is inside the trend pointed by Kurzweil, but in fact, we are improving really fast and faster every couple of years…

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Somewhere, in chapter nine


Da Vinci

“A vida é bastante simples: você faz algumas coisas.

A maioria falha. Algumas funcionam.

Você faz mais do que funciona.

Se der muito certo, outros rapidamente copiarão.

Então você faz algo mais.

O truque esta em fazer algo mais.

– Leonardo da Vinci, tradução livre


As palavras de um genio, Da Vinci viveu de 1452 a 1519.
A maioria de sua arte e suas invenções estavam muito a frente de seu tempo, assim como suas palavras.

Remember it…

“As you cannot do what you want,
Want what you can do”

–Leonardo Da Vinci