Why is called Earth if it’s almost entirely covered by water?

Because it is mainly a huge rock that travels along the space, with lots of water in its surface.

There’s water in the ground, water in the air, coming from clouds that brings rain, water everywhere, but in its core, under the lava and magma and dust that shape our mother’s personality, Earth is a rock, and Water is the biggest living thing surviving in this huge, vast and hostile universe we live in.

Everything else that lives on earth depends on Water, in a way or another, to exist. Water is THE holy grail when thinking about life in the known world. No philosophy, no limits, no fun, no power without Water everyday of life. You need Water. You are made of water.

Water rules at the face of Mother Earth, and so we, Humans, think we’re in control of our lives. Our ecosystem is in danger, our existence is in danger. Life is spread everywhere over Mother Earth, from underground to skies, from the bottom of the ocean to the vast cities of reefs that keep the balance of life possible. We now have to sacrifice ourselves in order to give back what we’ve taken in excess from our planet. Humans are known to be super predators.

What if God, the Sun, solves to burn with more intense, and by mistake literally fries all the water in this rocky planet?
Taking away all life that exists only in this remote corner of the galaxy. Our water would get dry at the pan this world would become, making living miserable, unbearable and then impossible. There’s no water at Venus and Mars, and so there’s no conditions to life exist with current level of technology.

What if water gets scarce?
Becoming something to be traded at black markets at poor countries, making life extremely hard and restricted.

Maybe Mother Earth doesn’t care for Humans. They are here today, they have to make their way in order to survive. It was always like that.
Evolution is a must for everything here. There’s a whole ecosystem trying to survive on its back.

Water is probably the deep root of a soul that survives trying to make life viable for many different species along billions of years.

Water loves life. We owe her all our respect.

We were right in calling the planet Earth.
Water needs Earth to exist as much as everything else.
Earth doesn’t need anyone.
It is used to survive in the middle (figuratively) of a hostile universe in front of a gigantic, power star.
Some name it God, some name it Sun.

Earth grew up alone, a long, long time ago, and it’ll die some day, as well as Sun and Water.

Guess who’ll die first?


Daft Punk

Daft Punk is a duo  of french musicians that released their first album, Homework, in 1997. They have a notorious presence in the scene worldwide, since we listen to it here in Brazil, as well as people in France, Korea, Canada,… and they play for more than a decade. Then I asked myself, why should I blog it here? The answer — or consolation– came with the house beat, the vocoders, electric drums and synthesizers that compose the tracks played in random access memory, their latest album. This is a lot of #technology, in my opinion. And with all of this they deliver an excelent groove a la 70s.

More, but a lot more on the web. Start from Wikipedia>>, but even YouTube is a good call. Reach, or find the content is not the problem. The problem is find the best content that fits your desires, your moment and aspiration. Very subtle. In a very modern sense, it’s just semantic expression and search engine utilization. And if you cannot find it anywhere, there’s an opportunity to create, because never before has been easier.

Let’s bring even more #technology to this talk. What to say about this superposition between “Loose yourself to dance” (Daft Punk) and this video from Mr. Setevie Wonder — a genious–, Superstition, played in 1972. Both are from the same root (and pitch). Thank God! This is good music. Bounce’n your chair!

Once I heard at television that the movie “The Wizard of Oz” has a perfect match with Pink Floyd’s album, “Dark Side of the Moon”, which I like very much and was the very first album I ever bought in life. Nothing special about it. Have you ever tried? I’ll check at the web.


“The law of the mind is relentless.

What you think, you create;

What you feel, you attract;

What you believe becomes reality. ”

Strongly believe in your dreams and they will happen. That’s the key for success.

Innovation is a matter of confidence, creativity, achievement and perseverance. All inner qualities.

Technology is a byproduct of imagination.

The reality we live is virtual, only the present time can be considered real.

Everything else is imagination or rememberance.

Keep dreaming, this is a virtual world.

More and more we are used to virtuality. This trend will grow infinitely, until humanity, the way we know it from the 20th century, won’t be anymore a valid reference.


Synapses Change with Experience

This is a very interesting fragment from the book In the Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind, from the honorable 2000 Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology, Mr. Eric Richard Kandel, an exponent in the field of Neuroscience. In the book, Mr. Kandel presents his rich biography together with also valuable findings in the scientific field, explaining in details how geniuses do their work, make decisions and change the world while living normal lives. Maybe not so normal, but living among us.

Eric Kandel in 1978

Eric Kandel in 1978

— …, we were begging to understand that the strength of a given chemical synapse can be modified in two ways, depending on which of two neural circuits is activated by learning–a mediating circuit or a modulatory circuit. In Aplysia, the mediating circuit is made up of the sensory neurons that innervate the siphon, the interneurons, and the motor neurons that control the gill-withdrawal reflex. aplysia The modulatory circuit is made up of sensory neurons that innervate the tail in a completely different part of the body. When the neurons in the mediating circuit are activated, homosynaptic  (activity-dependent) changes occur. This is the case in habituation: the sensory and motor neurons that control the gill-withdrawal reflex fire repeatedly and in a certain pattern in direct response to the repeat sensory stimulus. Heterosynaptic changes in strength occur when the neurons in a modulatory, rather than the mediating circuit are activated. This is the case with sensitization: the strong stimulus to the tail activates a modulatory circuit that controls the strength of synaptic transmission in the mediating neurons. We later found that classical conditioning recruits both homosynaptic and heterosynaptic changes. Indeed, our studies of the relationship of sensitization to classical conditioning indicate that learning may be a matter of combining various elementary forms of synaptic plastic into new and more complex forms, much as we use the alphabet to form word. I (Mr. Kandel, of course) now began to realize that the abundance of chemical over electrical synapses in the brains of animals may reflect a fundamental advantage of chemical over electrical transmission: the ability to mediate a variety of forms of learning and of memory storage. Viewed from this perspective, it became clear that the synapses between sensory neurons and motor neurons in the gill-withdrawal circuit–neurons that have evolved to participate in various types of learning–are much more easily changed than synapses that play no role in leaning. Our (Eric Kandel and his coleagues) studies showed dramatically that in circuits modified by learning, synapses can undergo large and enduring changes in strength after only a relatively small amount of training.” — In the Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind, Eric Kandel. First Edition 2007. Chapter 14 This gentleman and his crew, all renowned scientists, are trying to trap memory through the biological basis of human brain, at the cellular level (“one cell at a time”), bringing to light some obscure facts about the more powerful structure of our known universe–human brain. Such hard work should be praised by everyone. Project all the amount of technology this people used to reach their goals, and how dependent on innovation they were back in the 1950’s. They’re scientists, and since knowledge is power, are the real heroes for humanity. Kandel’s work help to explain some neurological pathologies as well as brain and mind structures, while help humanity to evolve. Certainly this man will be remembered as a genius in the future. EricxAplysia


“Imagination is the eye of the soul.”

–Joseph Joubert

Henry Ford

“If I’d listen to customers, I’d give them a faster horse”

–Henry Ford